Guard Sergeant Grimm Thornbuck was a member of the Black Fist assigned to a post on Thorn Island. He was killed by Daralyn Faydove in 1489 DR after his murder of Igan Sokol was exposed. The circumstances of his death are a secret held by only a few people; the official story is that he was killed by zombies.

Grimm was a foolhardy man who was usually in debt to the wrong sort of people. He spent his off-duty time trying to come up with ways to get money quick. After he was posted to Thorn Island, he befriended Igan Sokol, the quartermaster of Sokol Keep. Igan was an enthusiastic young man eager to make a name for himself within House Sokol. Grimm encouraged Igan to search for the treasure rumoured to exist on the island. Together, they discovered the ancient shrine to Dagon beneath the keep, which contained a valuable jade statue. Igan wanted to destroy the statue, fearing it was evil, so Grimm, overcome by greed, killed Igan.

Igan’s death awakened the undead protectors of the shrine, so Grimm and his Black Fist men barricaded themselves in a small antechamber until rescued by Qelfras, Shoji, Pieta, Daralyn and Kiara. Upon rescue, Grimm tried to claim that Igan had been killed by the shrine zombies. However, Daralyn did not believe this story and stabbed Grimm to death before her companions could react.

The truth of Grimm’s death is known only to the other Black Fist soldiers, who were sworn to secrecy in return for their freedom, and the ghost Harae. Daralyn has told all other interested parties that Grimm was killed by the shrine zombies.