Harae was a female cleric of Tyr, slain in 1306 DR during the Dragon Run. Her spirit continues to haunt Sokol Keep to the present day.

In life, she was a patient and just follower of Tyr, but in the time since her death she has lost much of her ability to relate with the living. She is a particularly weak spirit, unable to do much beyond move small objects around. She has been dead a good while, and being dead is dull.

The centre of her haunting is a small well-hidden shrine of Tyr within Sokol Keep. Around 1479 DR this shrine was uncovered, restored and maintained by a young Igan Sokol and from that time Harae took a friendly interest in Igan.

When Igan was slain by Grimm Thornbuck in 1489 DR, she extinguished the Thorn Island lighthouse as a way of attracting attention to the crime, which indirectly led to the recovery of Igan’s body and the murder of Grimm by Daralyn Faydove. She was furious when Grimm and his companions murdered Igan; angry at herself for not having seen it coming; and mad at the Black First for the treachery and injustice of it all.