Helm is the Faerunian God of Vigilance and Protection, also known as the Watcher, He of the Unsleeping Eyes, and the Vigilant One.

Helm is seen as the epitome of the guardian, the watcher, and the guard. He is venerated by those who need to remain watchful for enemies or danger. Helm is a favourite deity of people who make a living by protecting someone or something, such as bodyguards, members of the city watch, and the guards of a treasury vault.

Helm embodies the spirit of watchfulness without regard to good or evil. In legends, he is honourable and keeps his word to a fault, such as when he guarded the celestial stairways during the Time of Troubles, preventing the gods from ascending them and continuing the chaos of that period, until the Tablets of Fate were found.

Although his faith has known dark days, worship of Helm never truly faded away. Most of his followers believe that the Watcher can never be vanquished utterly, and recent events have borne out that assertion.

Helm’s priests teach that one must be ever vigilant, ever aware, ever prepared for one’s enemies. Patience, clear thought, and careful planning will always defeat rushed actions in the end. Those who favour Helm strive to be alert, clear-headed, and true to their word. These traits don’t necessarily make them nice people, however, and as such many consider the faithful of Helm to be inflexible and merciless.

In Phlan

There is no temple to Helm in Phlan. The only formal worshipper of note within the city may well be Qelfras.