Igan Sokol

Igan Sokol was a junior member of House Sokol tasked with running the lighthouse on Thorn Island. He was slain by Guard Sergeant Grimm Thornbuck of the Black Fist in 1489 DR.

Igan was born in Phlan around 1469 DR, and raised in the Sokol mansion on Thorn Island. As a child, he discovered a well-hidden shrine to Tyr within Sokol Keep, and restored and maintained it into his adult years. This action earned him the attention and secret friendship of the ghost Harae, and though Igan was never aware of Harae’s existence, she protected and guided him throughout his time on the island.

When the majority of House Sokol moved out of the city during the troubles following the death of Anivar Daoran, Igan was left behind to tend the Thorn Island lighthouse, which Igan understood to be a kind of banishment. Hoping to win back the good graces of his family, Igan used his post to undertake a search for treasure rumoured to be hidden under Sokol Keep. In this he was joined and encouraged by Grimm Thornbuck, Guard Sergeant of the island’s Black Fist contingent.

In 1489 DR, with the aid of Harae and Grimm, Igan found the hidden caverns under Sokol Keep, and the ancient shrine to Dagon, complete with its jade statue. Upon discovering it, Igan identified the shrine as evil, and wanted it destroyed. But greed overcame Grimm, and the Guard Sergeant murdered Igan.

During life, Igan was friends with Kiara, and often visited the Gnomish Ghetto seeking instruments to aid in his treasure hunt.