Ixas was a young wizard of the Cult of the Dragon whose master remained true to the original dracolich-worshipping ideals of the cult.

He was dispatched to the Moonsea to locate the Green Dragon Mask and recover it. Given a ship and a few men and a tribe of kobolds as minions, he followed the trail of 60-year-old rumours of a lost merchant ship that once carried a library of lore-filled books. The stories said that among its cargo was a book that may have spoken of the final resting place of the artifact.

Ixas hoped to allay suspicion on his search by playing on the stories of ghost ships in the area, hoping that it would deter others from asking why small coastal communities were being attacked and raided. He costumed his kobolds as “skeletons” by dressing them in black robes with exhumed bones stuck to the outside, and giving them boots that left a skeletal bootprint in the ground. He made use of a magical dracolich statuette which could summon storms and clinging mists to hide his attacks.

Unfortunately for Ixas, his attack on the Fisherfolk Island coincided with the return of the Audacity from the Nine Hells, and he and all his crew were killed and/or dragged to the Nine Hells, with the exception of his scout Verik, who was taken in chains to Phlan and hung from the Stojanow Gate by the Black Fist.