King Witchthorn

King Witchthorn is an ancient and powerful fey lord who resides in Kryptgarden Forest.

He appears as a slender man, twice the height of any mortal. His torso is bare, and thorny spikes protrude from his shoulders and arms. Only a loose wrap of moss covers his lower half, which ends in shadow. His dark and sinister face is devilishly attractive, framed by a mane of green leaves from which curl two large and bestial horns like those of an ancient ram.

For many centuries, King Witchthorn’s ability to influence the mortal realm was limited by powerful magic binding him to his throne and his court. However, as a result of a bargain freely entered into by mortals, he has been released from this restriction and now holds full dominion over Kryptgarden Forest, much of which has been dragged into the Feywild by his influence. These events happened during Corruption in Kryptgarden. His freedom has displaced the green dragon Claugiyliamatar from her traditional home, much to the dragon’s anger.

King Witchthorn’s current powers include prophecy; the ability to create portals linking points within his domain, which appear as pools of silvery liquid; the ability to teleport himself within his domain; power over natural flora and fauna within his domain; the ability to grow and shrink; the ability to place a binding geas upon any mortal who bargains with him; and nigh invulnerability to harm.

Princess Ishaldra

Princess Ishaldra is a kind and beautiful dryad. She was King Witchthorn’s consort when he was a prince, and both Ishaldra and the treant she is bound to provide counsel to the King, balancing and tempering his evil aspects.