Lathander is the Faerunian God of Spring, Birth, Renewal and Dawn. He is also called the Morninglord, Inspiration’s Dawn, and the Rose-and-Gold God.

Lathander is a deity of conception, vitality, youth, renewal, and self-perfection. His god not of the sun, but of the dawn, which represents the start of a new day filled with potential.

Lathander is a god of beginnings. People commonly offer a prayer to him before undertaking any journey or endeavour. Lathander’s name is invoked to seal alliances and christen new ventures or companies. As a result, the god is very popular among the merchant classes, and the church has benefited accordingly.

The rising sun is his symbol, and his colours are the rose, gold and violet of the dawn. Lathander’s temples and shrines host a wide range of functions, both municipal and personal. At such places, folk get married in dawn ceremonies, announce the start of civic projects, and even give birth when possible, to provide the baby good fortune.

The faithful of Lathander embrace the founding of new communities and the growth of civilization, as long as that civilization gives everyone the potential to succeed. They despise the undead, seeing them as both a corruption of the natural order and a disavowal of new beginnings, because undead cling to their old existence rather than moving on.

In Phlan

The primary worship of Lathander in Phlan is organised by the Quiet Faithful of Lathander, headquartered (without authorisation) in the Lyceum of the Black Lord. They are led by Peony Loamsdown.