Laughing Goblin

The Laughing Goblin is one of the more famous taverns in the Docks area of Phlan.

For those approaching the tavern, merry pipes and thumping drums can be heard a block away. It is a tall timber-framed building. A woodblock sign hangs over the entry, carved in the likeness of a grinning goblin’s head.

Within, it is a large, dark, old tavern that has had better times. The woodwork is worn; the plaster, once white, is now yellowish and crumbling, and the chandeliers and lanterns rusted. The furniture shows the signs of heavy use and the scars of various brawls. The common room has two floors with a large, open space in the middle containing the bar, a stage, and a large fireplace. A number of booths line the walls, and tables fill the rest of the room’s open space. The only decoration in the common room is a large carved totem resembling a laughing goblin. The totem is clearly very old and is well-worn.

It is a place that caters mostly to the rough crowd of sailors, mariners and mercenaries. The usual bartender is a human woman named Imizael. The tavern is famous for its cabbage soup - an old secret recipe that comes with freshly baked bread and a piece of cheese. The tavern also serves salty fish stew or the catch of the day. The drink list is extensive, but customers prefers the ales, as the wine is just not particularly appetising.


The Laughing Goblin dates back to the reclamation of Phlan circa 1340 DR, when it was one of the first bars built in “Civilized Phlan”. It was owned at that time by a man named Sot. By 1367 DR, ownership had passed to Boradak Goblinkicker. Today it is owned by Boradak’s descendant, Durnam Goblinkicker, although he is seldom seen there and leaves the daily operation to Imizael.