Mantor's Library

Mantor’s Library is the most prominent institution in Scholar's Square, the academic precinct located near Podol Plaza. It was founded by the great sage Mantor, and is headed today (in 1489 DR) by the Lord Sage of Phlan.

Sun bleached colonnades frame its austere facade. A solitary bench sits next to a tranquil pond at the fore of the property. The grounds are well-manicured and festooned with blooming flowers and other local flora.

Within, the library contains a vast collection of encyclopaediae, treatises and compendiums. Scribes work in its Scribe’s Hall, where rows of writing tables and high stools are arranged around the perimeter of the room. The din of quills scratching parchment fills the room as scribes work at their desks. Further back in the building are small furnished living quarters for the scribes.

Substantial subterranean archives extend beneath the library, holding the older and more sensitive part of the library’s collection. Some parts of these archives are rarely visited and dangerous. The deeper sections back onto the city’s old pre-Reclamation sewer network.

Mantor’s Library is largely funded by the modest fees collected for performing research, transcribing, and translating, and is supplemented from donations from the city’s wealthier citizenry.

Important staff members of the library include:


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