Master Opanrael is the Head Curator at Mantor's Library and has served in that capacity for decades. His working knowledge of the Library’s cataloguing system is unsurpassed and, given time, he can find anything currently in the Library’s possession.

He is a tidy man, almost obsessively such. He places order and structure in very high regard, and has no patience for those who do not display a similar appreciation. He is haughty, but easily excitable by topics that pique his interest.

He is a dignified human in the twilight of his life, with a surprisingly bright shock of red hair tied in a long braid. His teal-colored eyes have pale-cast, betraying hints of elvish blood somewhere in his family’s history. He wears plain red robes in the style common among librarians at Mantory’s Library, with a single silver chain and insignia indicating his elevated status as the Master Librarian.

Opanrael has a busy schedule and it is famously difficult to see him without an appointment booked in advance.