Pieta is a half-elf rogue played by Warwick. He captains the Misbegotten Oyster, a small sloop that plies the waters of the Moonsea.

Background by Warwick

An orphan, Pieta spent much of his childhood at the docks, repairing nets and any other odd jobs he could get which paid. One day he was in the right place at the right time, and soon enough he was a cabin boy, then a deckhand. His natural charm and skills were enough to amass some small reputation and enough money to buy a small vessel of his own, which he kept afloat through the graces of the gods and a high degree of luck and effort. After a fortunate encounter at sea, where he rescued a young man from the remains of a sinking boat, he was introduced to the Harpers and began to perform the odd favour for them.

To supplement his meager income, he has also been known to accept less-than-illegal cargos, however he takes all means to ensure they are not intended for a nefarious purpose. In some of his many trips ashore, he has met a number of interesting characters, four of which he trusts more than others;