Porphyrys Cadorna

Porphyrys Cadorna, last of House Cadorna, was a politician during the reclamation of Phlan (1335 to 1340 DR). He worked his way up through the Assembly, gaining the position of Tenth Councillor of the Council of Ten, and then in 1340 DR advancing to Fourth Councillor after his success in commissioning the reclamation of Sokol Keep, and finally to First Councillor after assassinating the previous holder of the position. He was secretly in league with the demon Tyranthraxus, and when the demon was defeated, Cadorna was pulled into the Pool of Radiance and presumed dead.

Cadorna was a tall, ambitious man with a prodigious appetite for food.

The Cadorna Textile House in Phlan was owned by his family prior to the Dragon Run. It was eventually cleared of monsters and reclaimed circa 1340 DR.

The Cadorna family crest was a snake with its tail coiled around a weaver’s shuttle. Prior to the fall of Phlan, the Cadornas had been known to have dealings with dragons, and some blamed them (probably incorrectly) for the Dragon Run.