Quiet Faithful of Lathander

The Quiet Faithful of Lathander are a priesthood of the dead god Lathander. Until recently they were housed in the relatively small shrine to Lathander in New Phlan, but they have now moved into what was formerly the Lyceum of the Black Lord. In the chaos that immediately followed the Lord Protector’s death, the Lyceum was looted, its clergy slain and the temple burned. The Lyceum is still little more than a charred ruin, but has sufficient space to house nearly a hundred people comfortably.

The Quiet Faithful are headed by Peony Loamsdown, and their membership includes her bodyguard, Roag.

Player impacts

Following the events of The Scroll Thief, Kiara and Shoji donated money to the priesthood, which they gratefully accepted. It is currently unknown how this money was used.