Quivering Forest

This vast enchanted forest was planted by wild elves long ago as a defence against the hordes of Thar. Among other things, the enchantment accelerates the forest’s regrowth. Within two years of being completely cut down, the forest resembles a light wood, and within a human’s lifetime is a deep and shadowed forest.

A powerful hag, Jeny Greenteeth, and other dark fey of the forest struck a pact with the Cinnabar Throne shortly after the Zhentarim came to power in Phlan, and forever decreed that the forest would be off-limits to traffic and the woodsman’s axe. This pact bore fruit during the Shadowbane War of 1383 DR, when the forest prevented Phlan’s destruction at the hands of the Netherese. Since then, the pact has been broken only when the second Lord Protector disappeared after venturing into the forest.