Red Wizards of Thay

The Red Wizards are an order of amoral wizards who originally hail from the distant land of Thay, located a significant distance southeast of the Moonsea.

Many years ago the Red Wizards were the ruling class of Thay. However, that ended when the lich Szass Tam seized power in Thay during the Spellplague. Today the Red Wizards are exiled from their homeland and are most commonly found along the shores of the Moonsea and the [[Sea_of_Fallen_Stars?]]. The title of “Red Wizard” is inherited from parent to child. Communities of Red Wizards are small. Their goals range from simple survival, through to seeking alliances that will allow them to one day return to their homeland.

In Phlan

Following the events of Dues For The Dead, it has been revealed that Red Wizards are working with the Cult of the Dragon in Phlan towards mysterious ends…

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