Rythnax was a black dragon wyrmling who acted as a low-tier spymaster and courier for the chromatic schism of the Cult of the Dragon.

Prior to the events of The Scroll Thief, he had established a small lair in the Twilight Marsh. It was intended that the false scribes Spernik, Tibeem and Ellison were to report to him on completion of their missions.

He spoke Draconic, but either had never learned to speak Common or did not deign to do so.

Rythnax was young, boastful and brash, given to telling outlandish stories of his strength, cunning and ferocity. He bored quickly though, and was prone to lash out at anyone he felt didn’t appreciate his tales.

During the events of The Scroll Thief, the Moonsea Rangers fought and killed Rythnax, and brought his corpse back to Phlan as proof of their deed.