Temple of Kelemvor

The Most Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud, worshippers of Kelemvor, benevolent God of Death, operate a temple in Valhingen Graveyard in Phlan. They were granted control of the graveyard in 1380 by Lord Protector Cvaal Daoran. With some assistance from local druids, the once-overgrown cemetery is now a meticulously groomed - albeit somber - resting place for the people of Phlan.

Though small, the clergy work dutifully and efficiently, providing interment services for the city, and are sconsulted in any dealings with undead in the general area of Phlan. The members of the Order remain impartial to the city’s conflicts that have arisen in the last year, and provide their services for free. They are beholden only to their Order and operate independent of financial assistance from the Cinnabar Throne. They tend their own garden and livestock, so are seldom seen in town; save for the rare trip to obtain supplies they are not able to provide themselves.

The followers of Kelemvor are fervently opposed to the existence of the undead in any form, and will smite ghost, skeletons, zombies and liches wherever they are found.

The head of the Temple of Kelemvor is Doomguide Yovir Glandon. Other members include the paladin Sir Geran Kelt, who is second-in-command of the order, and the acolyte Cassyt.

Player impacts

Following the events of Shadows Over The Moonsea, the players recommended the temple send a mission to Fisherfolk Island to cleanse the evil of that place and look after the villagers.

Following the events of Dues For The Dead, the players recommended the temple open up the Valhingen Graveyard catacombs more fully to the public. A donation by Kiara also allowed the temple to build a new dormitory and classroom to accelerate the intake of acolytes.

Following the events of The Scroll Thief, Kiara and Shoji donated money to the temple that allowed it to purchase nearby land for the purposes of a nature reserve / garden of mourning. The clergy of the Temple has begun to swell, making it a significantly bigger player in the affairs of Phlan than it previously was.