Time of Troubles

The Time of Troubles, an event in the year 1358 DR, is the name given to the temporary expulsion of Faerun’s gods from the heavens by the Overgod Ao.

The event was precipitated by an attempt by the gods Bane and [[Myrkul?]] to steal the Tablets of Fate. In response, Ao exiled all the Faerunian gods to the mortal plane until the tablets were recovered. While exiled, the gods walked the earth in the form of “avatars”, and were relatively mortal.

During this period the gods [[Mystra?]], Bane, [[Torm?]], [[Bhaal?]], and [[Myrkul?]] were killed (along with some other lesser demigods). The mortals Cyric and Kelemvor ascended to godhood, along with the mage Midnight, who assumed the identity of the slain Mystra.

Many of the slain gods have since been resurrected in one form or another.

Lasting damage was done to the Weave of magic during this time, and to this day areas of the Realms are afflicted with zones of dead magic or wild magic as a result.

The events of the Time of Troubles are detailed in the novels Shadowdale, Tantras, and Waterdeep.

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