Tyr is the Faerunian God of Justice.

Tyr Grimjaws, Tyr the Evenhanded, Wounded Tyr, the Maimed God, the Blind, Blind Tyr, the Lord of Justice - all of these names speak to the nature of the Faerunian god of justice. Tyr appears as a noble warrior missing his right hand, which he lost to Kezef the Chaos Hound in an act of bravery and sacrifice, and with his eyes wrapped in cloth to signify his blindness, caused by a wound dealt to him by Ao when he questioned the justice of the Overgod’s actions.

Tyr’s followers devote themselves to the cause of justice, to the righting of wrongs and the deliverance of vengeance. This devotion isn’t necessarily concerned with equality or fairness, but rather the discovery of truth and the punishment of the guilty. Those who favour Tyr tend to be stiff-necked about matters of theology and laws, seeing things in terms of black and white. Tyr’s credo of lawfulness and honesty is a demanding one, and his priests remind the faithful not to hold in contempt others who can’t live by it - it wouldn’t be an honourable calling if everyone could muster the strength of will to follow it.

Many orders of knighthood are devoted to Tyr, including the Knights of Holy Judgement and the Knights of the Merciful Sword. Such knights - as well as judges and priests, clerics, and paladins who worship Tyr - sometimes wear thin strips of diaphanous cloth over their eyes to remind others of the blindness of justice.

In Phlan

The priesthood of Tyr has a long connection with Phlan. Priests of Tyr were responsible for the construction of Sokol Keep, and maintained a presence there until Phlan was destroyed during the Dragon Run of 1306 DR. Thereafter their spirits haunted the ruins of the keep during the period of Ruined Phlan (1306 to 1340). The leader of the priests at the time of the Dragon Run, and their leader in undeath, was one Ferran Martinez.

By 1340, a new Temple of Tyr had been built on the mainland as part of the reclamation of Phlan, and Ferran Martinez was convinced to relinquish his guardianship of Sokol Keep. Along with the majority of the undead priests, he departed the Prime Material Plane to go on to his afterlife, although at least one ghost (Harae) remained in the keep.

The Temple of Tyr constructed during the reclamation continues to be active and well-respected today, and is known throughout Phlan as “the Waiting”.