Valjevo Castle

Constructed in 730 DR by Milsor the Valjevo, Valjevo Castle is one of the largest castles in the Moonsea region, and definitely the largest structure in Phlan, rising over 100 feet above sea level.

The castle is home to the Cinnabar Throne - the seat of power in the city - and is currently occupied by Lord Regent Ector Brahms and his family. The castle is huge, with majestic marble and granite walls and awe inspiring turrets.

During the era of Ruined Phlan, the castle was home to the demon Tyranthraxus, and was at that time the site of the Pool of Radiance. Following the reclamation, it was left in ruins due to the cost and manpower required to restore it, and it was not re-occupied until the conquest of Phlan by Cvaal Daoran, who made it his seat of power.