The Zhentarim, also known as the Black Network, were once an evil nation dedicated to service of dark gods, but in the modern age they more closely resemble a more secular international crime syndicate, which seeks to expand its influence and power throughout Faerun. The organisation is ambitious, opportunistic, and meritocratic. Members emphasise loyalty and brotherhoood between Zhentarim. They are fiercely opposed to the Cult of the Dragon for historical reasons. Rogues and warlocks of neutral and/or evil alignments are commonly drawn to the Zhentarim.



Member Traits

A member of the Zhentarim thinks of himself or herself as a member of a large family, and relies on the Black Network for resources and security. However, members are granted enough autonomy to pursue their own interests and gain some measure of personal power or influence. The Black Network is a meritocracy. It promises “the best of the best,” although in truth, the Zhentarim is more interested in spreading its own propaganda and influence than investing in the improvement of its individual members.