While only Humans can play clerics, there are religions for all ancestries. A religion that is majority of a certain ancestry is not exclusive to that ancestry.

Local beliefs and practices and old gods, elder gods, and ancient ones are the sphere of remote villages, secret cults, and whispered rumors.

The institutions available for succor, contemplation, and healing in Delvington are:

Dwarven Temple TORGARDwarves, & smiths Hammer & Anvil The Crafter, The Maker, The Great Smith
Elven Shrine LUMENORElves, sailors, cartographers, astronomers, astrologers, travelers.Compass & Sextant The Navigator, Sailor of the Stars
Elven Shrine SILLEElves, trees, forests, forest creatures.Wooden disk with image of the Tree The Great Tree
Human Temple VENTUSTruth & Justice (Law) Gold Scales (Truth) Silver Scales (Justice)Gold & Silver Pattern (Truth & Justice)Truth, The Just One, The Justice Maker, The Great Judge
Human Temple LOSEFKAGamblers, Thieves, Risk Takers, Delvers & Adventurers Dice, coin or other means of random generation Luck and Fortune
Human Shrine MUNORDeath & Disease, Magic & Supernatural Pentagram, or Black Disk The Cold Hands, The Cold Breath, The Undying One
Human Sacred Grove & Stone Circle BOREALNature (Sacred Groves - Think Druids)Image of Sacred grove or stone circle carved into an oak disk from a fallen limb in a sacred grove Nature
Halfling Shrine OYAHearth, Home, and Plenty Image of a hearth Great Mother
?XAGISSnow, Crossroads, Magic Users ?/?/

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