Delvers Deep

Delvers' Deep is a large complex of dungeons, tombs, ruins, pits, caverns, shafts, tunnels, and more.

Most just call it The Deep. It gets it’s name from the many deep natural and manufactured pits and shafts.

Some are claimed to be bottomless, or to go to the end of the world.

The Deep lies several days west the town of Crossway. Crossway lies at the crossroads of The King's Way and the ancient Dwarf Road. Both Crossway and Delvington are an eclectic mix of races as it is near a crossroads leading to a hilly and mountainous region that borders The Deep. There is a forested area nearby where lumber for the “mining” and other work of Delvers intent on finding the riches of The Deep. Lumberton is the lumber camp/town.

Near a relatively safe entrance to the dungeon is a small village with the feel of a boom town called Delvington.

East Gate Tavern is the last safe building inside the walls on the Eastern edge of Delvington. East Gate Tavern is a hangout for adventurers, commonly called Delvers. Delvington has walls, towers, gates, and guards.

To the East are hills and mountains. The Deep lies largely in the hills between Delvington to the West and the mountains of the Dwarven Kingdom to the east . The ancient Dwarf Road comes from the North Pass of the mountains and through The Deep.

To the south is the great forest. The King's Way passes through the forest, home of the elves, Verdant Vale, and it crosses the mountains at South Pass.

Glory and riches at the risk of life and limb await.

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