Geographical Features

Geographical Features

[[Verdant_Vale?]] - Name for the forest generally Southeast of Delvington. Also the name of the home of the Elves, which is much further south into the forest.

[[Stormspire_Peaks?]] - The mountain range to the East that is the home of the dwarves and many mythical and foul creatures.

[[Hillrun_River?]] - Small river east of Delvington that runs generally North out of the hills.

[[Deeprush_River?]] - Large river that flows West out of the Stormspire Peaks. It flows through the hills of the area known as the deep and is said to go under the deep rather than over it. Some are rumored to attempt entering The Deep via the river. Most are never seen again, but rumors persist of some who emerged laden with riches and magic.

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