House Rules


Classes: Thieves are not used.

Dual Classing: Is not permitted. NOTE: This does not apply to Elves.

Scrolls: As per page 26 of Delving Deeper both Wizards & Clerics can make scrolls of spells in their spellbooks at 100 gp per level of spell in their spell book(s).

Shields Shall Be Splintered: Those with shields may sacrifice their shield to avoid damage on an attack, but their shield it useless and AC is adjusted accordingly for the next attack. NOTE: The attack must hit for the shield to be rendered useless.

Weapons: All weapons for number of attacks and damage are RAW (Rules As Written).

Attacks & Saves: 20 always* hits/succeeds & 1 always misses/fails. *Unless only hit by magic weapons.

Hit-Point Rolls and Leveling Up: When characters gain enough XP to level up they must do so in the safety of a settlement. When leveling players roll all of their Hit-Dice and only take the result if it’s better than their previous HP total, otherwise they gain 1 HP (plus any applicable modifiers).

Character Death: When your character reaches 0 HP they are knocked unconscious. After combat the unconscious character makes a save versus Death (Poison). Failure indicates the Reaper claims their soul. Roll a new character with half the total XP of your previous one.

Success indicates they’re able to stave off Death, but with a cost. The character regains consciousness with 1 HP and gains a disfiguring injury represented by the permanent loss of 1 point from Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution (player’s choice). The player should feel free to describe the injury in detail on their character sheet.

Funerals: If a character falls (dies) and the party can transport the corpse back to a settlement a funeral can be held. Those present can “buy” the deceased’s experience points at a 1-for-1 GP-to-XP cost. XP gained in this manner is expressed via remembrances, drinks, ceremonies, and otherwise giving them a proper send off.

CAROUSING_&_DOWN_TIME Activities: Buy XP at 1 GP per XP. Carousing has greater risks but interesting results. If one chooses Carousing, make a save vs. poison If fail roll the appropriate die on the table.

For other class-based or hobby downtime activity, roll on that table, chances of good or bad results. Get XP either way. Choices are: Carousing, Class Based (fighter, cleric, wizard), or Hobby Based. Specify a hobby, collecting x, creating x, etc.

XP for Session Summaries: 100 XP per session summary. Each player may do a summary.

XP for Adding pages to the Campaign wiki: 100 XP per page describing your character, people & places in town, or the dungeon. Factions, rivals & enemies, etc.

Languages: Pick what languages you want, common, AKA Trade Tongue is automatic. You can pick what you want now, or roll to see if you know the language of something you encounter.

Trade Tongue is the language of merchants, diplomats, those with dealings with the “civilized” peoples, and delvers.

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