Olobaris is an elven magic user from the Verdant Vale and (former) follower of LUMENOR. His mentor has sent him to The Deep to find its secrets and harvest rare materials for the manufacture of scrolls and potions.

He wears green and blue robes with a dagger on his belt, and leans on a wooden staff. A guard dog named Argo is always by his side.

He spends his downtime in Delvington drawing or scribing scrolls, providing he has enough time.

After his first delve he joined one of the Delving Organizations, the United Delvers.

In his second delve he became Herald of XAGIS, after the party awakened the god of Snow, Crossorads and Magic Users. Now he is spreading his word in Delvington, having attracted a few followers and the atention of other faiths. He has traveled East past the The Deep to [[Hillford?]] and the surrounding hills to plunder some old tombs.

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