Player Session 6


By Steve/EOTB [[Branek_the_Battered?]]


Had a ton of fun tonight! Branek went exploring Lumberton chasing the rumor received last session I played in about troubles there. Found the village half-fortified but unable to finish due to their lumberjacks getting attacked when they left to fall trees by some big nasty giantish things. I’d outfitted the men-at-arms with mules for the travel, and bought myself a warhorse prior to leaving town, so we repurposed the mules into pulling the lumber wagon while the rest of us stood guard.

Got a couple of trips in but on the last one a big ogre crashed out of the trees and headed for us. We told the villagers to unhook the team and take it back to town while we defended the wagon load. I tried to get the ogre to chase me on the hours so the men-at-arm could wear it down with missiles, but Almore the archer was too good, getting hit for max damage and enraging the ogre sufficiently to make him forget about Branek and go for the archer instead. The next round the archer got walloped, but Branek had a back-charge with lance while the other two men at arms fought with partial cover from behind the load. Between all of us we managed to fell the ogre with Branek taking a hard shot to the ribs, and Almore made a saving throw to survive his dreadful wound. We cut off the head and took the ogres bag of gold, with the townspeople getting the load in safely. Almore was nursed back to health by a star-eyed village lass who took quite a shine to him.

The next few days while Almore and Branek healed, the villagers got the stockade completed. Just in time, too, because right when we healed fully, 3 more ogres came back and tried to storm the stockade. Almore once again feathered one for max damage closing the distance, but in the massive fight that commenced he immediately took another heavy shot (this time fatal). One of the other MAA also fell, but 6 of the lumberjacks joined the fray. Between all of us, and a flaming oil dump over the wall, we killed two and made the final ogre flee. Branek hopped on his warhorse and managed to ride it down before it could get back to the forest.

We left the gold from the ogre the villagers killed with them, as all the raiding had wiped out the town’s economy, and headed back to town to hire more MAA. The XP was enough to raise Branek up to 3rd level. After some bargaining he hired on a dwarf and two human MAA and headed back to see if they could find what they thought would be an empty lair.

Luckily we ran into some elves who joined forces for a half split of the treasure, but found the lair with 5 ogres in it. We waited until they split up, and killed the two who remained behind, then waited some more until the last returned with a mule and two corpses. (turns out that Lumberton was in the direction they walked - oops But in the end we killed them all, though Lumberton was a little miffed (hey, you had 9 ogres killed…heroes ain’t perfect) and headed back to town a final time, resting up from all our fighting.

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