Session 1


3 Players: (1st session for all.)


The three met as they were all staying at East Gate Tavern.

They went to the market to find some hirelings. They meet Thena of the [[Delvers_Union?]] and hired 5 of them for torch bearing and toting loot.

They journeyed to The Deep and all met [[Jory??]]. Those who wished to sign their names did so. Jory encouraged them to take the passage on the right.

In one of the alcoves prior to the stairs they found a partially eaten sandwich and behind the statue a bag of coins.

They made they way forward and fond the ramp room. 5 Kobolds challenged them on the ramp. Quick action dropped two kobolds, and the other ran off. A few copper coins is all they found. They found a room with the last meal of the kobolds, and their toilet in one corner. They found a four way and the antechamber to the enormous temple. They found a barred door on the south wall of the antechamber and a voice in goblin told them to push off.

The party entered the enormous temple and hugged the wall to their right and went south to a corner and then east. They found an enormous statue of a maidservant. The wall went north and after a ways went back east. They found another enormous statue, this time a warrior, another corner to the east with another enormous status, this time the center of worship, a tall emaciated, almost skeletal form. The walls depicted images of snow, crossroads, and some form of ritual with writing no one recognized.

They then returned to Delvington with their few coins and rough map.

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