Session 2


2 players:

Members of the [[United_Delvers?]] (1st session)


Met as they both were staying at East Gate Tavern. They checked out the [[United_Delvers?]] and joined, getting membership pins, and a book of their written symbols and a warned that the [[Reorganized_United_Delvers?]] were known to alter writings to mean different directions, or danger where there is none, and vice versa. They are to help re-create the map knowledge of the group. By joining they received assistance in getting hirelings.

They journeyed to The Deep and all met [[Jory?]]. Those who wished to sign their names did so. [[Jory?]] advised them to stick to the passage on the right.

They stuck to the East and found the ante chamber to the enormous temple, and went in, hugging the wall to left. They found a 20 foot wide passage to the west, then further north a door to a ten foot passage to the west, then the wall went east. They found a huge statue of a maidservant, then a huge statue of a warrior whose weapons & armor matched the statues in the alcoves near the entrance. Finally, they found the huge statue of the focus of worship, a tall emaciated, almost skeletal form. The walls depicted images of snow, crossroads, and some form of ritual with writing no one recognized.

They investigated the wall behind the statue and on close examination it appeared to swirl. [[Branek?]] touched it with his spear and when the idea of “Where do you want to go?” entered his mind, he thought of a room full of treasure such that he could swim in it. He next found himself splashing in a small puddle in a room with 3 goblins cooking a giant rat.

[[Herm?]] and the hirelings didn’t know what to think, and Dingle turned to flee, but was soon lost in the dark and running in circles. [[Herm?]] convinced the other hirelings to hold onto him while he touched the wall. Dingle realized he couldn’t get out without light, and as he ran back towards their torchlight, they vanished.

When the idea of “Where do you want to go?” entered [[Herm?]]’s mind, he thought of his companion [[Branek?]]. Just as Branek had begun to fight the goblins, as they wanted nothing to do with this warrior who suddenly appeared in their room, [[Herm?]] and most of the hirelings appeared. Two of the goblins fell swiftly, and they subdued the third. The bullied him into showing them the way out. Once he opened the door, they realized they were back in the antechamber to the enormous temple. They left the goblin go and let him keep the copper that was more than they could carry.

They called out into the temple for the frantic Dingle and when he saw the torchlight he ran to them and suddenly there was a thud as if he collapsed in a heap. The party managed to find him and he was sleeping soundly having some sort of pleasant dream. A giggle of perhaps a dozen tiny voices was heard in the distance. The party feared pixies or something worse and left, heading back to town, laden with much treasure.

They rented a large room with a window over the street and raised their loot that way to minimize the prying eyes. They paid their hirelings half a year’s wages to the men-at-arms, and a year for the torchbearer.

They got better equipment and supplies.

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