Session 4


3 players:

Members of the [[United_Delvers?]] (1st session)


Three hearty adventurers and four hirelings entered The Deep.

They saw [[Jory?]], heard the people? assumed to be the [[Reorganized_United_Delvers?]] doing something on level 3.

Wig went in the goblin room and there is no sign of the goblins other then their toilet corner and the bones of giant rats, and remains of their cooking fire.

They entered the temple/sanctuary and went along the south wall to complete [[Branek_the_Battered?]]’s map.

At the statue of the servant woman, Wig was hoisted on a rope and peered into the bowl she held in front of her. It appeared to have a wick ready to light. Wig lit it and the room was filled with bright light as it appeared the other status of a serving woman had it’s light also set alight. A loud voice said something in a language they did not speak.

They edged around to the “alcove” with the two warrior statues flanking the alcove either side of the alcove with the status of what Olobaris would soon learn is XAGIS.

All were eager to try the strange portal in the wall behind the statue of XAGIS.

[[Herm?]] lead the way.

Herm and the others were no longer with Olobaris. Olobaris and his dog were addressed by a voice. There was an exchange and XAGIS accepted Olobaris as his herald and gave him a commission to proclaim him. XAGIS asked Olobaris if he wanted his companions saved. Olobaris said “Yes.”

Herm, Wig, and hirelings found themselves someplace with mounds of treasure, with coins of all sorts, gems, jewels, and other items. Just as they noticed a huge ripple in the pile of treasure coming towards them, they were back in the sanctuary with Olobaris.

They had an uneventful trip back to Delvington where Olobaris went to the market to proclaim XAGIS and had favorable results.

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