Session 6

Session 6:


United Delvers:

Steve/EOTB [[Branek_the_Battered?]] (Last played Session 3.)


Branek followed up on the rumor about lumber shipments not making it to Delvington from Lumberton. Branek bought a warhorse and a mule for each hireling and went down to investigate.

He found a lumbering village brought to a standstill by what turned out to be ogres carrying off draft horses and people. Only a few of the workers and families were left, with a crude palisade.

Branek let them use his mules and they got a load of logs in and improved the defenses. They got in a full day of work and more logs then an ogre showed up. Branek told the workers to take the mules and go. Branek and his men engaged the ogre and it felled his hireling, Almore, and gave a mighty wound to Branek before they felled it.

Branek found that Almore was still alive and he took the look and head of the ogre back to town. He waited to heal up so he and Almore could engage the known other ogres. The evening of the 8th day of resting/healing, 3 ogres attacked and this time when Almore fell, it was for good. Hanson also fell. One of the townsmen fell of the 6 who came to fight the 3 ogres. Once the ogres were dead, Branek gave them 400 gp from one of the ogres.

Branek advanced to 3rd level. He went back to town and recruited 3 more hirelings, 2 men and a dwarf.

He came back and encountered the wagons of Lumberton returning with food and supplies from selling their lumber. They arrived in Lumberton with no word of trouble.

Branek & company went to where they found the first ogre, and tracked it. They happened upon 3 elves who were also tracking ogres who had caused problems for them.

This fortuitous encounter, enabled them to have the missile firepower to deal with the ogres. The elves were able to track the ogres to their cave den. They waited until evening when 3 of them left to the Northeast. Then they entered the cave and found two of them eating and pelted them with arrows. The ogres charged and dealt a fierce blow to Branek, but did not prevail against the heroes.

They then waited a couple of days for the ogres to come back and saw them carrying the remains of a mule and two men. Later they learned they were Branek’s mule and two men from Lumberton. Taking the opportunity to pelt them with arrows, they dropped one before it got to them and the two remaining caused minor damage before they were felled.

Branek split the loot, 1500 gp and a 500 gp necklace with the elves and he took the heads back to Lumberton.

There was an uneventful safe return to Delvington.

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