Session 7

Session 7:

Thursday, October 24, 2019

1 Player, a member of the United Delvers:

Gabriel Olobaris (Last played Session 4.)


Olobaris could not coordinate a delve with other, so he hired some new help and with a tip from Josiah, leader of the [[United_Delvers?]], went east to a small town/village called [[Hillford?]] at the ford of the [[Hillrun_River?]]. A few miles east of there are some ruins, obelisks, pillars, and obviously looted tombs. Olobaris and his elven hireling Nilin found an unlooted tomb whose entrance was covered by vines. They fought three large centipedes that caused them no trouble. At the sight of thick cobwebs inside the tomb, Olobaris had his men close the door and hide the tomb to come back the next day with the torchbearers and man-at-arms he set to guard an empty and looted beehive tomb to use as a place to sleep. Olobaris collected the heads of the centipedes hoping to make use of them later.

As they finished hiding the entrance, some large spiders who nested in the trees in the hillside above the tomb came at them, but Olobaris’ quick thinking and use of a scroll with Color Spray ended the threat. Olobaris and his hirelings burned the cobwebs in the trees and found 1,000 gold pieces in a rough pile from what appears to have once been the bags of a briefly rich party of adventurers.

That night, 6 giant, ugly creatures speaking in a harsh tongue wandered through, but appeared to not notice Olobaris’ keeping watch at the entrance backlit by a fire in the beehive tomb.

The next day, they lugged their gold to [[Hillford?]] and bought a mule and more bags in case they found more treasure, as the 1,000 gold pieces they found required all the bags and Olobaris’ cloak to carry.

They returned to the ruins and tombs about the same time they arrived the previous day. They entered the tomb and found that the cobwebs contained very old meals of the spiders who were once inside. They found 7 statues, one of them Lord Ironwood and the bodies of 7 knights of the ancient Order of the Iron Rose and Lord Ironwood. Each of the seven knights had well crafted swords and shields preserved by the seals on their sarcophogai. The shields and sword pommels had the Iron Rose. the sarcophogus of Lord Ironwood contained a shield with the emblem of the Iron Rose as did the others, but his was highlighted with gold leaf. His sword appeared to be new and did not have the Iron Rose. Upon returning to Delvington, Olobaris used detect magic and Lord Ironwood’s sword and shield are magical.

Olobaris gave his hirelings that are MAA a sword and shield to use while in his service. He sold two of the swords and shields.

Next Olobaris took the centipede heads to an alchemist to see what he can do with them.

Olobaris exploits allowed him to enhance his skills as a wizard (level 2).

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