Session 9

Session 9:

Sunday, October 27, 2019 Characters Unaligned Delver:

Ethereal Maximus (First Session.)

Maximus, cleric of [[Losefka?]] hired some muscle and a torchbearer. He entered the dungeon and journeyed almost straight to the second level and journeyed far and wide.

They found a strange creature in a twisting passage that appeared to sweep up the items in the passages. They killed it and took the gold and silver they could carry as Maximus only had his backpack. Leaving copper and an assortment of weapons within it. They left the dungeon and came back the next day.

With a large sack and more torches, they retrieved the weapons and journeyed to the end of the twisting passages, finding the image of a laughing man made of colored stones.

They they found a long hallway with alcoves containing statues of gargoyles and knocked some over but they would not break.

They found the ramp on the north end was blocked by boulders and logs and debris filled the central pit.

They tried going down the south ramp and saw a fight between some adventurers and armed men behind a low stone wall that blocked the ramp. The men killed the adventurers, and noticed Maximus’ light and started to come up to see who it was, but Maximus fled. He took his hirelings over most of the first level, and ventured to the second level and found a privy and an altar room with a secret door that opened to a large passage that went to a small room with shelves lined with books & scrolls. Each time he touched a book or scroll, a voice out of nowhere said “Please don’t touch the books/scrolls.” Discretion being the better part of valor, he decided not to press his luck.

They went to a different area and found 3 wounded Kobolds and a fight ensued and the man-at-arms, Kilbash fell, but the 3 kobolds were slain and their meager gold taken.

A room that appeared to open on a a vast, rocky plain was found, but again discretion prevailed. Another privy was discovered.

A large room with a large pool was found that had writhing tentacles they quickly closed the door. The final excitement was finding a room full of skeletons only one of which Maximus could turn and neither men at arms nor skeleton could strike the other, so they closed the door. Before heading back to town they retrieve the copper, now that they had enough sacks.

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