Vaudrek is a native of the Dwarven Enclave in Delvington, but he will proudly tell how his familial ties reach back to the Dwarven Kingdom in the Mountains to the East.

He is a skilled stone cutter and worked in that trade for some years in Delvington and nearby areas. Indeed, he lost the small finger of his shield hand (and part of the next digit) in a work accident. These days, as he pursues an adventurous career, Vaudrek practices the more delicate art of sculpting and is currently working on a large icon of TORGAR (dwarven god) in marble.

Aside from riches and ancient artifacts, Vaudrek hopes to find samples of the the rare marbles, soapstone, and alabaster, said to be resting in the Deep.

Vaudrek is stout and solidly built, with a paunch from enjoyment of dwarven ale and a bald crown ringed by thick brown hair. His brown beard is typically seen braided. He has a cautious and protective demeanor.