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Summary: **SESSION** * Thursday, September 26, 2019 6 players: Steve [[Branek the Battered], Joe S. Vaudrek, Jason Rollo the Jolly, Zach . . .


< **Hirelings associated with [[United Delvers]]


> ** Hirelings associated with [[United Delvers]]


< **Hirelings part of the [[Delvers Union]]


> ** Hirelings part of the [[Delvers Union]]


< **Dwarven man-at-arms: Furdar (Hired after 1st foray.)
< = Activity


> ** Dwarven man-at-arms: Furdar (Hired after 1st foray.)
> = Activity:


6 players:

Members of the [[United_Delvers?]] (2nd session) Last played in Session 2

Unaligned Delvers (2nd session) Last played in Session 1

New Characters, 1st Session


The two groups who each had one foray into The Deep met as they both were staying at East Gate Tavern. The two new characters, Vaudrek was from the dwarven enclave in Delvington so he knew about the tavern, and Olobaris an elf from the [[Verdent_Vale?]] also knew about the tavern. They all met and agreed to work together.

They journeyed to The Deep and all met [[Jory?]]. Vaudrek wished to carve his name in the stone of [[Jory's_Wall?]] but Jory was having none of it. Those who wished to sign their names did so.

Soon they moved on and relied upon the prior map made by [[Branek?]]. They heard the goblins slide a large object and run off behind their door and bar it. The goblins had brought in a sizable log and had sharp stakes sticking out of it to block the entrance to the ante chamber to the enormous temple.

The party had Olobaris and Vaudrek search a dead end for secret doors, and Olobaris easily found one. Behind it were thick spider webs with 3 spiders the size of house cats. The party managed to dispatch them without incident and found rotted sacks of silver and copper coins, and a jeweled necklace.

Before they could gather up all the coins, they hear the sound of shuffling feet coming from the West. They learned it was zombies. [[Branek?]] attempted to throw a flask of burning oil but only managed to get it in front of the party. They pulled back to the ramp room, either side of the door. One zombie still managed to lose its life in the fire. The zombies missed each attack and the party soon dispatched them. Neither cleric had any luck turning them.

The party decided to check out the long west passage. Before going they pushed the spiked log up against the goblin’s door, which opens out. Thus, sealing in the goblins, unless they chopped a hole in the door. The goblins “spiked” the other two doors with wooden stakes.

They found that a bent copper coin in the huge room would move them to a room with bones, and the bones would move them back to the room with the bent coin.

The party decided to go back to town. On the way, they passed a group of halflings heading in the direction of The Deep. They sold their loot, bought more equipment, and spent a week so Olobaris could craft a scroll. [[Herm?]] increased his standing (level 2).

When they returned they found no signs of the zombies’ bodies, and the goblins had chopped a hole in the door and were gone. Evidently, they unspiked the door in a passage leading north. They went north and found the floor appears to be cracked and weak, according to the dwarf, so they unspiked the door to the huge temple, and followed its western wall north to the 20’ wide opening. They found a pillar that they just walked around. They went back to the north passage, and not until they completed it did they look at the ceiling and see that it appears to have the same type of cracking and structural weakness as the floor to the south.

They were now in the northern antechamber to the massive temple, and opened a door to the north, meeting a room full of skeletons. Both cleric rebuked them in their gods’ respective names, [[Rollo?]] managing to turn one at a time, but the newly elevated [[Herm?]] turned multiple skeletons at once. The narrow door and the multiple turned skeletons prevented the skeletons in the back from attacking before more were turned. Once all the skeletons were cowering in the corner, the party destroyed them in detail. They found a pouch of gems around the neck of one skeleton and a relatively current make broken sword in the corner.

Exploring to the West they came to a 4-way, to the north a short passage with a collapse and light from above. to the west a long, dark passage. To the south dim light from a shaft cut from the surface into a ramp room mirroring the ramp room they came in to the south. They decided to head west and up and a snake missed two of them, the second noticed it. They all fled back east to the guffaws of laughter that could only be [[Jory?]]. It was then that [[Branek?]] recalled [[Jory?]] telling them not to go to the left because of the snake. They had come to the other main direct entrance to The Deep. Rather than deal with a dangerous snake, they decided to make their way around to the way they came in.

Olobaris’ keen elven senses alerted them to another secret door which they found a short passage with yet another door to a room with a rusty hammer head. They closed the doors to maintain their secret, then went all the way through the temple to avoid the cracked ceiling and floor of the other passage. When they got to the ramp room, they found a poor delver with a [[United_Delvers?]] pin stripped to his skivvies, battered, and bruised. [[Herm?]] healed him and they got the story that the [[Reorganized_United_Delvers?]] caught his group and killed those who couldn’t escape and took all their stuff. All they did was look to see what the [[Reorganized_United_Delvers?]] were up to. They appeared to be blocking off the ramp and securing a section down there. (The party had heard the sounds of hammers and so forth working with stone.)

They helped the fellow back to town and celebrated their safe return.

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