Session 04

So we decide to go to Nangalore.

Across a stream we see the ancient temple. An impressive structure with giant sculpted animal heads and waterfalls and canals.

Olaf seems to be quite useful.
We cross on his back after he transformed into a crocodile.

Just getting ashore he really proves useful. He tells us that he just heard someone telling all animals to attack us!
A fight erupts but fortunately wet witches burn as well as dry ones. As soon she was dead, the animals turned normal again.

As we discover the gardens we encounter a shell of a giant spider up over us.
Shortly followed by a beautiful plant, that attacks us as well, together with her former admirers turned to zombies.
They all burned exceptionally well, my new powers are amazing, just imagine this temple was built in wood.

Those encounters where quite exhausting though so we decided to rest.
As we woke up it was pitch black night, but wheres fire, there’s light.

We then went to the upper level of the temple just a little distracted by flying monkey throwing stuff at us.

Inside the main temple we encountered a huge statue of a warrior, an urn and some smaller statues.
In our endless wisdom we desecrated the temple by spilling the ashes of the urn and got attacked by an Otyugh and his crocodile friends.
It was a quite hard if we didn’t had some summoned friends too and were rewarded with some healing potions, some gold, a beautiful Armor and a bowl.

Then we headed to the two remaining smaller buildings.
First we met a dead wizard holding a mirror and a stupid medusa turned to stone.
We found a kind of compass who should show the way to Omu, unfortunately it was broken.
I get a powerful new wand of the wizards corpse. So what better than some birds in the second temple to try my new powers with a huge fireball.
It wasn’t really a fight but except some guano not really rewarding.

What better place than some renowned dwarfen smithy, so we decided to go there with a little detour to meet Ayassas ancients.

In the Dragon mountains we meet the young red dragon Sindelor. Ayassa seemed quite intimidated during her chat with him.
He told us the way to the shrine of Ayassas ancients where we hold a small ceremony with some beautiful fire. I quite like those chaotic fire dragons.

On our way back Ayassa received a beautiful flaming sword from Sindelor and was reminded to never be afraid of her ancients and the red dragons and to walk the world proud.

As we arrive at the dwarfen mine we discover that we were just about our detour late. Sinti Schneider a dwarf, tells us that the smithy is overrun by some fire mules.
She offered the repair of the compass in exchange for our help.

In the mine we rescue Las and Halkar in one of the earlier caves. In an other cave we burnt some chained beasts and yeah, I admit some stabbing was included too.

Then we attacked the main smithy, a horrific battle against some flaming snakes event though we surprised them.
We won but I felt so powerless, why can’t I fight fire with fire?
Why can’t I control them?
I despise those creatures.
I want to harm them, to hurt them, to never see them burn again.