Session 06

Ayassa is very sad and angry. She doesn’t want to remember. She doesn’t want to think about all the hard things her and her friends have gone through, all the blood and the death. All these images and thoughts are haunting her. „We killed them! We killed the innocent zorbos that were doing nothing but protect people. And it was all in vain. After carving torches and teleporting through pools the statue man comes back to life, steals the cube and vanishes”.

We feel angry and defeated but we decide to keep going. But the Temple of Wongo is filled with danger, scary monkey carvings, animal stone statues and a confusing riddle that we fail to solve. As a result we have to fight for our lives and cause more death in the process. Demons are summoned, evil monkeys are dying and even suicide happens.

We can’t even get some rest in a broken old house. As zombies come to eat us, so does an undead Tyrannosaurus Rex. After hard work and a lot of fire, we had to call Pixies to our aid and the newly transform Quipper dies like the fish that he is. Why must there be so munch destruction in our path?