Session 10

Chronicles of Ingnatius – Part one: Of how he (almost) single-handed cleansed the Tomb of Annihilation

The first part of the chronic are barely readable notes

The second part is better conserved:

We kill the Administrator Withers and his four mage hands.

We peek into a room and find six undead dwarves using a machine, just in time to witness the monstrous golem coming out of it. Bert shoots at the dwarfs and kills some of them, closing the door afterwards. When we check the room later, the golem and the remaining dwarfs are gone. We find three new friends: Stephen the Skeleton, Samuel the Skeleton and Saul the Skeleton.

We continue visiting the tomb. Ignatius befriends a charming gilded floating skull which decides to join our jolly party. He entertains most of us with his witty observational humor.

Mirror with colored slots where the colored eyeballs fit into.

We solve multiple riddles

We find a mirror with ten colored sockets where we can put the eyeballs in, opening a dome-shaped room. A beholder appears and gives us a hard time, turning noble Korn into a pile of dust.


Administrator Wither: