Session 13

Further down the rabbit hole, by Bert

We find an invisible key, who knows for which hole…

Warm like flame,
Cold for the cruel,
Still for the dead,
Gruel for the ghoul.

Is written on a ghastly door with two snake heads on each side.
Bort tries to cool the door and the snakes, nothing happens.
I try to burn the snakes, the head stays cool.
The door opens after I feed the snakes with some brain, just flesh didn’t work.

We enter a room with a knee-deep muddy bassin, wooden Omu people statues with hornet masks, some zombie painters with their eyes and mouths sewn shut, painting gruesome paintings and a bone and skin throne out of Omu people with a scepter laying on it.

I start lighting the statues.

Lina walks to the throne and starts attacking us.
After starting to light the painters on fire, a zombie t-rex attacks us as well.

We fight for a bit and then “dispel” the “curse” and flee.
We couldn’t close the door but the t-rex seems distracted…

Greedy Ignatius crushes us by triggering a boulder trap…

Bort falls into an acid pit… Ignatius feels guilty, transforms into an angel and rescues him.

In the room we find a color changing sarcophagus and maze on a wall, in the maze seem to be small people.

I touch the maze in the purple phase and find myself in it… looking up I see Bort’s big nose looking down at me.
At the same time some skeletons attack.
The small ones are easily dispatched and the big one lured into the acid pit.

I find a key in the maze and as soon as I grab it I’m back in the room.
Each color allows to enter a different maze and get another key for the sarcophagus.
We distribute the first boons and start a fight over the last one…

Charm of the maimed(purple)me
Charm of treasuresense(gold)Bort
Charm of the swollen hag(green)Ignatius
Charm of nine lives(black)Lina
Charm of the crystal heart(blue)Bort
Charm of the ghoul(red)Ignatius

After all keys are used, the sarcophagus itself opens and reveals a rainbow colored robe.
Bort gets the robe and I inherit his Pearl of Power.

We descend a hole between four gargoyles into a muddy, stinky clockwork like structure.

On a wall we find a painting of an awakened Napaka in dried blood.

In a hallway we find burning candles mounted on skulls.
I burn a curtain and reveal a gargoyle with four arms, one broken off though and the following inscription.

Three I need, then three more,
Three more still, opens the door.

We offer nine gems to the gargoyle and get the Eye of Saltek, a fist sized ruby.

We are really scared by a room with acid dragon murals and dissolved remains on the floor, but the trap doesn’t seem to be active.

Finally we seem to have found the control room of this contraption.