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In the heart of the jungle lies hidden something terrible, suppressing rejuvination magic and cursing the resurrected. Heroes who have been brought back from the dead a decade ago suddenly start wasting away, and the newly dead are lost forever.


It is the year 1493 DR in the Forgotten Realms. You are on a boat to the jungle nation of Chult, one fortune hunter of many. For many years, the chultan peninsula had been largely ignored by the outside world, but the discovery of golden artifacts from an ancient culture has triggered something of a gold rush, and adventurers and other scallywags now stream into the jungle, looking to get rich.

You haven’t seen your captain the last two weeks, and the crew has gotten in an ill mood. Three days before your arrival at Port Nyanzaru, the lookout notices a vessel with a black flag. The other passengers and some of the crew are pounding at the captain’s door…

Character Rules

  • Starting Level 2
  • All official races and classes (monster races allowed case by case)
  • No unearthed arcana content
  • No multi-classing
  • Character must be updated here before each session: [[Beyond Campaign](*campaigns*join/918642500267310|DnD)]

House Rules

  • Death curse related mechanics (see below)
  • Knowledge checks when the characters have time to discuss can be performed with the party-best modifier by any party member
  • Counterspell always has a spellcasting check, not only for spells of L4+

Replacement Characters

  • It is suggested that each player has a replacement character ready.
  • Possessions of the original character might be recovered depending on the specifics of the death.

Mechanical Effects of the death curse

  • Resurrection spells cast on humanoids fail automatically.
  • Previously resurrected humanoids have their total hit points reduced by one per day, every day.
  • Those fighting death are at a severe disadvantage: Death saving throws succeed only on 15+.
  • However, a successful attack on a downed character forces saving throws, instead of the character automatically failing them.
  • Negative energy effects are permanent: If your total HP is reduced by a negative energy effect for any reason, it will not recover over a long rest.

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