Arriving in Kelmerane

Garavel’s caravan met up with Almah’s caravan near the Sultan’s Claw and found her camp in confusion. Apparently her astrologer had blown himself up. The fire had to be stopped from spreading and the animals had to be caught. Shihab proceeded to knock out all the animals that had fled except for a goat that gotten too far. Eventually he caught up with it and pulled it out of the cactus fields. This was were he met the terrible dog gremlins of the desert. His friends kept calling them Poombawumba or something. He just wanted to smash them. But they smashed the party’s weapons instead! Later, at a stupid monastery, they smashed some more of the party’s weapons. Shortbow, longbow, daggers, swords, nothing was safe from these critters. When the slave girl Reema finally found their king high up on a terrible ledge, all hell broke loose! This ninja dog king proceeded to push us all off over the ledge, falling to our doom. Then he jumped down after us and stabbed Shihab in the face – it was but by the grace of Salah al Din that Shihab was saved. Unfortunately some party members have started making little yapping noises whenever he’s not looking and snickering when he jumps.