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Nearly all set then, just need Joshy’s character…

I like the mix so far, it should work well with this campaign.

Looks like Talib Ka’im will need to get used to being healed, because no one else is going to want to get close to the bad guys :)

When the story begins, you will all have been traveling together for 1 week across the northern tracks of Katapesh, from Solku to the Brazen mountains. You will all know each other, though some from only 1 week, some for longer.

– Lioc 2010-02-25 11:54 UTC

So we have at least three female characters in our party.

Somewhere deep in the hills of the deserted land:

‘They are coming, they are coming!!’ panted the sweating warrior. The sun was burning relentlessly outside. Inside the caverns it was refreshingly cool, though.

‘Don’t worry, Krish’a,’ said the hooded figure while it was sharpening a wicked looking blade. The grinding noise made Krish’as hair stand on edge.

‘But they are coming here! They are fierce and they are relentless. I hear that their names are spoken in awe throughout the whole land! And they will be here soon.’

‘Don’t worry, Krish’a,’ repeated the hooded figure. ‘They won’t make it in time. We will finish our ritual long before they arrive.’

‘But Lord, they travel fast. They have horses and they fly over the dunes like the evening breeze!’

The hooded figure seemed to grin, although it was hard to tell in the deep shadows. At the same time, two hunched slaves carried a heavy wooden sign through the passageways of the mountain castle. The words

SALE - Shoes 70% off!

had been painted in bright red letters on it.

– Talib Ka’im 2010-02-25 13:59 UTC

Well, it’s not exactly as if we can buy anything with this crappy starting gold. I mean… we’ll like, totally have to go and loot some ruins first. I hope nobody sees me in these common clothes… that would be, like soooo embarassing.

And for the record, any bad guys getting caught putting up fake shoe sale signs (and by all that is feminine, they will get caught) shall incur the combined wrath of all womankind condensed into the three of us. Just putting that one out there, in case anyone gets any bright ideas. Got it, boys?

Yes, I’m looking forward to the next game immensely. And Talib KaĆ­m should know better than to get himself beat up. ;)

– Najlya 2010-02-25 15:17 UTC

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