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Confusion Thy Name Be Praised

Shihab tries to remember things in between Pesh dreams:

Mother of confusion, lords of chaos, we are having a bad trip here in Kakishon. I remember a golden ram somewhere, and killing shooting shaitans. I remember talking to a burning dwarf at the fire forge, and I remember talk of the earth seed. Did we not proceed to the golden bowl and fight the spikestone guardians? Did we not free Magizawalla the protean, the friend of Lahapraset, our friend and protector? I remember confusing discussions. Did we want to end this world or did we not? Did we want to return its creatures to primordial chaos or did we not? I think we did, and then we didn’t. And now my Pesh is dwindling and I am cut of from the smoke spirits. They will no longer counsel me.

Tell me, my friend, what have we come here to do? Where has Jhavhul gone? Did we not come to defeat him?