Cult of the Ebon Destroyers

Shihab says:

We had tied Asíma up and waited. Adele arrived! It was a happy reunion. We decided to follow the only lead we had and fought the bedouin assassins of Apanda’s Silk Mill, the naga that threw the lightning bolts and the garuda that had locked itself up with a fantastic bow. We beat them all, and I took the fantastic bow. I sent my grandfather’s bow back to my family for fifty pieces of gold. I no longer need it. I no longer need them. I have lost my love for the desert. I have lost my desert love. Every day I spend in the company of Adele makes me want to help her rise in this Pathfinder Society of hers. I am Shihab the Destroyer! I destroyed the Cult of the Ebon Destroyers. I saved this island and this kingdom. I was given a king’s ransom. I have no need of desert tribes.

How did we defeat the Cult? It was easy. Adele found a note in the silk mill that told us where the cult was based. We went there and defeated a were tiger, sneaky assassins, dancing assassins, and sorcerer assassins. In the last fight, Asima was disintegrated and we nearly all died. This gives me pause.

Also, I am now banished from this stupid island. Back to Katapesh, I say!

Loot and suggested distribution to have Talib be better prepared to fight in the middle of the night.