Death of a Gnoll

Shihab says: “Hah! Surely you have never seen a greater hero than Shihab the death dealer! Once again, I proved to be a master of subterfuge and manipulation while my companions were paralyzed by fear and indecision. Like an arrow flies towards its target did I fly into the heart of the gnoll stronghold. But let me start at the beginning. Right there, Zastron, red-cap servant of Nethis, tried to drive a hard bargain and lost against the wily Shihab who in his magnanimousity wanted to sell him 15 magic lamps of Nethis they had rescued from the depths of a corrupted temple. But no, Zastron wanted to be stingy and so Shihab who-never-forgets sold the fine wares to Garavel the generous. It was also he who exchanged the tiny magic hammer of the cursed Poombawumba king for the repair of my grandfather’s Katapassian Greatbow. Now they shall feel pain! I praise Adabar, god of fair payment for loot unearthed! Hail, merchants of the desert. Truly, your sense of fairness makes me smile. Unfortunately I was forced to continue using Talib’s greatsword. Yes, he continues to be infatuated with the mold-sword he unearthed in his dark dream. He should get it enchanted, at least. Right now it seems rather cursed, rotting his arm away whenever he wields it. Haha! Oh and we also learnt that Oxwart the coward abandoned his companion Velldown or Volvo or whatever in the gnoll stronghold. I kicked him in the face but he would not return with us to rescue his companion. Terrible! Where was I? Ah yes, my companions then took forever to decide how to approach the gnolls and we approached from the north and killed a winged goat-horse-demon, then we turned back. Then we approached from the south and fought an undead zombie disguised as a slave but my companions took to their heels and nearly left me to die. I just barely made it out alive. That’s how reliable they are. In the end I took command as their authority kept dwindling and based on my excellent plan we managed to approach the building practically undetected, slew a goat man, enter the market through a back door, tricked the guards, a harpy, and in the end we stood before the corrupted self-declared servant of the Carrion King. In a previous fight Talib had proven his abilty to guard corners, and this time he impressed upon us his ability to fake being dead while lying on the floor at the feet of powerful enemies. I nearly stabbed him, that’s how useless he was. At least he managed to attract the attention of Kardsworn and his flinds. How different was Asima gnoll slayer, how much more useful was Saladd the servant of Sarenrae. I basked in Sarenrae’s glory it was a pain to behold! Light was pouring out of my eyes, nose, ears, and mouth as I fought, but Kardsworn would not yield. I ordered him to kneel and beg for mercy with every swing of Talib’s greatsword and when he denied me for the third time I beheaded the fool and kicked his headless body down into the market, armor and everything, shouting my name and declaring the gnoll robber baron dead and deposed!! That’s how awesome my plan had turned out – I had bluffed all the guards, bribed the harpy, found the stairs, coordinated the efforts of my party, for truly I am a leader of men and have a way with the women, winged or not.”