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Dungeons of Brass

Shihab says:

Yeah, so my party had left me doing my thing at the Arms’s Dealers Plaza. I looked at some of the horseless iron carriages available from some of the more exotic merchants when I met a wonderful young woman. She looked tough and smart. My kind of woman. And she made me an offer I could not refuse: To enter the dungeons beneath Bayt al-Bazan and meet the author of my prized book, the marid Shazathared!

The mysterious rogue cast her spells of hiding and passage, painted my face and hands with her runes of invisibility and took me into the depths beneath the fortress, past fire giants and worse. We found the wonderful water genie at last, and just as pulled out my book to ask her some questions, the party that I had left behind decides to show up!

Suddenly there was no more time to talk about elemental mysteries. We had to know something, I can’t remember what, and it was all very confusing, but in the end I understood that we could not free her unless we destroyed Jawuhl. Finally something I understood.

With so many of us, the hiding magic of my female companion was not enough. Would we have to fight our way out? I granted a boon by the wonderful Shazathared that helped us avoid it: We used a permanent image of two fire giants that “escorted” us out of the dungeons. This illusion led us past fiery lizard men, fire giants, deadly shadows and into the outer court yard. There, we were discovered at last, but with our morale up and our strength not spent, we overpowered the giants and their sorcerer, making our escape.

We lost ourselves in the city.

I was also granted a wish. What a mysterious thing! I nearly cried, that is how torn I was. But I keep looking at Talib “fungus arm” and the ever changing Najla and how they had been trying to find Haleen – and I decided to use this wish to wish for her. Strangely enough she wasn’t too happy and asked us to help her rescue her friends. That’s why we returned to the arena where my friends had been tricked. And this is where Najla decided to leave us. Her farewell speech was a bit confusing. I didn’t quite understand why Haleen could not return on her own, but if leave us she must, then I’m not going to stop her. Our farewell was strange. We stood on Magma Avenue near the grand fountain Father Of Liquid Stone and spoke. And then they left. And we turned towards the Tower of the Crow God. We didn’t look back.

My mind kept returning to Shazathared. What alien minds were these? To be imprisoned for a thousand years in a fountain deep underground! I think this is when I decided that maybe Katapesh was not a place I wanted to return to. We’ll see. I haven’t talked with Adele, yet.