Finding Talda

Shihab says: Alma wanted us to find Talda Och. It was a lucrative job as long as we were speedy about it. No loitering! Went to the Crouching Jackal and talked to some greedy merchants. They all want Kardsworn’s Edge. Damn them! Najla helped me in those negotiations. I like the girl. Apparently she’s no gnome after all. Growing up nice and tall. Got rid of the stupid lion, too. Now she has a giant vulture friend. But she lived in the desert for a year. I respect that. Good girl.

We followed the trail Talda had left. Old stuff. Three weeks old. Damnation and Efreeti fire… But Asima has sharp eyes. Saved the day when we fought the ettin’s bears. Harr harr, that was funny. We all nearly died. Look at this scar, here. But I started working on my bow shooting in earnest when I saw her. Damnation and Efreeti fire, for the second time. Against the gnolls the woman was a miracle marksman. But against the bear… It was a close call. Very close.

Talib “Mold Arm” grew some balls after all. Fought hard. We bought him a flying stone to protect him. I’d love to get one of those, too. Something that allows me to shoot better. I wonder how much this axe is really worth. Najla keeps telling me how wonderful and strong the magic is, but I haven’t felt much of it, yet.

So yeah, I have this awesome axe. But it’s slow. Very slow and very heavy. We’re too greedy to give it away. In Al-Fatah the Nethis priest wanted to buy it, too. Fadin Ibn Kazah he was called. We ended up trading stuff with Bjorn Grimsong. Strange fellow from the north, but he respects Adaba’s law. I like him. No moaning and crying about his sons and daughters, no haggling. Just gimme a price and that’s it. Good. Bought a magic bow for Asima. She needs it. Some gloves, too. Could use some myself, I dare say. Worked hard on my bow-shooting skills. I wonder whether we should keep the greataxe. Damn dead-weight.

We finally found Talda in some creepy crypt guarded by the spirit of a deceased djinni. Bjorn sold us a black magic mandolin to ward these off. Sad dirge starts playing. We gave it to Najla. I hope we don’t run into another one of these again any time soon. Damnation and Efreeti fire for the third time. I love this curse. I want to learn more about these djinns and spirits, not by fighting them. We took the belongings of the spirit’s victims. Najla was squeamish, but these guys don’t need the sweet loot. Adaba wants us to keep trading stuff, not bury it. It’s a lesson I learnt back in Kalmarene. A good lesson, too.

Anyway, gotta go. Off to Driftwood and Katapesh, I guess. We must deliver Alma’s stupid journal to the pact masters. Oh well, a job is a job, and somebody’s gotta do it. Maybe I can trade Kardsworn’s Edge for something awesome in Katapesh.