Katapesh Underground

Shihab says:

We found a survivor! He’s a gnome, but strong, and powerful in his arcane blasting. He throws balls of fire and blasts our enemies with scorching rays and glowing missiles. I like him. A bit shy, perhaps, but nothing some solid adventuring won’t fix. I talked him into getting interested in the scroll of Kakishaun or whatever it’s called. All this information of Nex or Nax fighting Gab or Geb, and Andrath being the lover of Nefeshti, who is a genie, and part of the templars of the five winds, who fought the evil demon Jawuhl who was imprisoned in Kakishawn, who hired the genie Thratnius to guard the scroll of Kakishon, and to top it all off, Talib “fungus arm” the fighter apparently has Vardishaal’s arm attached to him, who gives him visions – and yet he refuses to smoke some Pesh when he’s feeling down and out… It makes my head splode!

Anyway, we fought some green fire witch, and of course Talib got the green fire curse, but I shook it off easily. We also found two adamantium knuckles, clearly our most valuable treasure. With it, I pounded the vampire coffins to dust. And later, back in Katapesh, when the minions of Father Jackal had kidnapped Najla, I used them to destroy anything I couldn’t just kick in. This is where my friends started calling me Shihab the Earth Shaker!

We also had a good party before the magma elemental showed up and destroyed half of Rayhan’s mansion. Too bad old man, you should live in a tent like your ancestors did! Anyway, we ended up with a note by Father Jackal saying he had our friend, so we went to the One Source Merchant’s warehouse, asked to see their boss and got ambushed. Twice. And I feel like half a gargoyle because the sneaky bastard had a pit full of naked birds with evil eyes that sucked all my natural grace out of my bones. Can’t even aim straight with the bow anymore! Time to wield the axe, I guess. Maybe I should invest in some axe training!

I also remember seeing the cleric of Adabas, a cute lady called Kazim, but when she started blabbing about merchants and sales and whatever, I knew that she was just there to annoy us. Adelle tried to explain that the pact masters were in fact giving us a secret message telling us to clean up our act in two days, but I can’t give a shit about secret messages. Just say it, if you have something to say!

Too bad we gave back the nice sword Dawn Ascendand. Somebody had to say it!

Oh, and the gnome’s name is Tic. And he was with Reema who still didn’t wake up. She seems to be beyond the healing powers of my love bird. Time will tell.