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Niswan Rumours

In shining Niswan dozends of merchants come and go by ship as the tide turns each day. Recently rumours on the docks have spoken of a new pirate menace cruising the ocean waves, a raven haired beauty, striking fear and lust into the hearts of men in equal measure. Though no one can speak of any ships bound for Jalmarey being attacked it is assumed that it is just a matter of time.

Mostly it appears to be slave ships attacked, with the ships handed over to the freed slaves once the notable loot had been taken. The most recent news making it’s way through the tea houses on the docks however is of a Katapeshi merchant bound for Chelix with a cargo of finest silks and linens. It was stopped and boarded by the pirate queen only one day from the port of Katapesh, and several bolts of good cloth taken, together with a collection of the capatins finest scents and lotions for the more cultured markets of Egorian. The captain and crew were otherwise unharmed and there is much speculation about this mysterious event. All ships are keeping and eye out for this new and beautiful menace scouring the oceans.

A number of Katapeshi mercenary ships have headed out to catch this pirate, given that she is now having a notable impact on trade.