Retrieving the Gate To Paradise

Shihab says:

I led the party past the stupid red bat devil, avoided salamanders and other creatures, entered an alliance with a sorcerous lava snake called Lesaar, got betrayed by it when I found Thratnias, and had it killed by the party. I tricked this horned efreet devil Thratnias into reverting Najla back into human form and released it from its guard duty, allowing us to retrieve the Scroll of Khakishon without having to fight it. That’s how smart I am!

Najla was turned into an effeminate man with no balls, which surprised her somewhat. I guess she like being a bugbear after all. Ungrateful kids these days… I’ll teach her how to walk and talk like a man one of these days.

Having gained the treasure we had not even known about we decided to retreat back to the surface and return to Katapesh. I saw a mutinous glint in Talib’s eyes and decided to let him carry the mighty scroll and do the talking. Let him feel in charge as long as I can keep an eye on him. Luckily I am such a wise leader of men.

The countdown of the number pharaoh keeps counting. We were unable to stop it and still don’t know what will happen in about a year when it reaches zero. When we arrived in the swamps of Katapesh, I had Talib send the pyramid back to the Plane of Twilight.

Back in the city of Katapesh, we talked to Bale, head of the church of Sarenrae, and got referred to Rayhan, the famous wizard that lives down by the harbor south of the river Scorpious. He decided to investigate the scroll and gave us a short summary of what he knew:

Khakishon was the private paradise demiplane of Nax, who fought with Gab thousands of years ago. The scroll is the key to this paradise. It passed on to Andrathy, the lover of the genie Nefeshti. She fought the evil lord Jhavuhl together with the Templars of the Five Winds. Apparently Jhavuhl ended up imprisoned in Khakishon. But at the same time he had bound the efreet Thratnias to guard the scroll and gate. I suppose Jhavuhl was not imprisoned after all and had conquered the demiplane instead, leaving the entrance well guarded.

Also, Talib’s fungus arm gives him strange “feelings”. I am surrounded by fools. The only thing I need to keep an eye on is that somebody once said that the fungus arm also belonged to the Templars or something like that. But I must not let Talib know that I’m watching him.

As Rayhan kept investigating the scroll, we decided to help the church of Sarenrae and travelled to the Deep Well of Paradise on the road to Epek, subdued the guardian Lion of the Five Heavens, following the trail of Fadija Al-Karim, paladin of Sarenrae, and his sword, Dawn Ascendand.

We fought four vampire spawn and several water ghouls…